All questions and answers about Graubünden's extraordinary campaign.

Why is Graubünden organising the Bockchain auction?

To help us conserve and enhance the habitat of Gian and Giachen, and support nature and landscape projects in the parks of Graubünden.

Where will the money from the auction go?

The proceeds will go to the home of Gian and Giachen: the nature parks of Graubünden. The parks are committed to sustainable regional development, supporting biodiversity and conserving the cultural landscape. For instance, by projects in the following areas:

  • Improving habitats
  • Carrying out nature actions
  • Measures for conserving the cultural landscape
  • Education for sustainable development

You can find more information on the Parks of Graubünden here.

Is there a minimum goal for proceeds from the auction?

We haven’t specified a goal – we will be glad of any sum we can reinvest in Graubünden. And we have a lot to offer our fans in return.

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a non-fungible token that is used in the digital world as a certificate of ownership to unequivocally establish the owners of unique digital items or artworks. NFTs are stored on the blockchain.

Thus when you buy an NFT this is noted on the blockchain. But the artwork can still be downloaded and disseminated by other people on the internet. Thus by your purchase you do not acquire a physical object. But since the ownership status of each individual NFT is stored on the blockchain, it has a unique value.

How can I take part in the auction?

Everyone can bid for the five NFTs of Gian and Giachen at bockchain.graubuenden.ch. The auction will take place for about four weeks on the platforms Rarible and OpenSea.

What sayings are being auctioned as NFTs?

The available sayings are: «Carbon statt Kondition», (for mountain bikers), «Baika, haika, Rucksack schlaika» (for bikers and hikers), «Kämpfa, kämpfa, khum» (encouragement to keep going), «Reto! Huuf us der Nasa!» and «Khum wirds Stail, bruchands as Sail» (with climbers in mind).

Is there a reserve price for a Gian and Giachen NFT?

The starting price is 0.03 Ethereum.

Blockchain technology also uses up resources. How does Graubünden deal with this?

As well as the proceeds from the NFTs, more funds will be dedicated to nature: A contribution to climate protection is being made through the non-profit foundation myclimate, so that overall the auction itself will also be environmentally friendly.

How do you pay with Ethereum?

In order to buy NFTs on marketplaces like Rarible and OpenSea you first have to buy Ether. To do this you need a crypto wallet, like e.g. MetaMask or MyEtherWallet, where you can buy Ethereum with your credit card and trade with other customers.

Can you buy the NFTs with Bitcoin?

No. NFTs are traded in the cryptocurrency Ethereum.

Can I resell my NFT?

Yes. The NFTs can be resold whenever you wish.

How long does the Gian and Giachen NFT that I purchase belong to me?

The person who bids successfully for the NFT is the owner until it is resold.

Can everyone watch Gian and Giachen films in future, too?

Yes. The films will still be available for everyone to watch.

Do I have to be living in Switzerland to buy a Gian and Giachen NFT?

No. The auction is open to bidders throughout the world.

No-one willingly auctions off the best thing they have. Why is Graubünden doing that?

It is always better to share the best, rather than keep it just for oneself. That’s what we do with our beautiful nature. We share it – and we want to do the same for the works of our two native inhabitants.

Can Graubünden continue to make unrestricted use of Gian and Giachen to advertise Graubünden?

Yes. The sale of Gian and Giachen NFTs does not change the situation that Graubünden can freely use the two ibexes for advertising.

What can the owners of the NFTs do, and what can they not do?

The acquisition and the rights can be compared to buying an artist’s photograph that is physically acquired by the buyer. As the owner of the work, the buyer has neither intellectual property rights nor rights of exclusivity regarding this photo. Buyers may not make reprints or alter the work, nor is commercial use permitted. Thus no non-material rights of ownership are transferred, these all remain with Graubünden Ferien. Buyers can only resell the work in the way in which it was purchased. However, the proof of ownership for the acquired work gives it a value.

What do Gian and Giachen have to say about bidding for at Bockchain?

After feeling slightly confused to start with, Gian and Giachen have now become fans of the idea, and they say: «Büta, büta, khum!» (meaning please, please, come on!).